Charles B. Judd- Born 21 Jan 1852, Died 31 Oct 1915

My 2nd great grandfather on my mother’s side of the family. He was the father of my moms’s mother’s mom. Outdoorsman, automobile enthusiast and businessman. Manager, secretary and vice president at Bissell Carpet Sweeper Company during the early years after the companies formation. Grand Rapids Michigan. The girl on the left was Katherine Powers my mothers mom and her sister Margaret Powers whom my mother was named after. I have a few hundred pictures from this era.
















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Shubael Conant of Detroit Michigan~ Very interesting indeed~ Lee M Withey Ancestors


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Genealogy- Shubael Conant was one of the pioneers of the American community of Detroit, coming as a fur-trader from New England in 1807 two years after the creation of Michigan Territory. He fur traded with the Indians of the upper lakes and Mackinac Island. Please check out the link below and read the 15 page book that was passed down to me. Also the newspaper article about the Michigan Exchange that was built & owned by Shubael Conant. Great history.

Shubael Conant