I’m a Lifelong sailor who was raised in the Islands. I served in the United States Nuclear Navy. In 1989 I obtained my first USCG Masters license. I worked beginning in 1990 as a Merchant Marine chief engineer primarily for the oil and gas industry. Several years ago I retired due to Multiple Sclerosis. I’m interested in my family genealogy and I have website related to the topic.


I have another website concerning past maritime related experiences and also past reloading experiences.


Other websites concern “Mitena” a 12 meter sailboat that my family was involved with years ago and also “Windigo” a Sparkman Stephens Yawl.



My WordPress is primarily related to genealogy.

Phrases I like- Two is one, Its the same difference, Utilize the facilities, Its my house, get em before they go extinct.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Lee,
    Here’s a link to a video I created with Calvin College emeritus professor Ken Bratt about the Withey Mausoleum in Oak Hill Cemetery in Grand Rapids.

    Scott Harmsen

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    • Dear Scott,
      This is absolutely fantastic !!!!! and I’m looking forward to showing it to my other family members. Is it OK for me to put this link on my family genealogy websites? Thanks again for sending me this link. I’m getting ready to show it to my mother. She will love it!!!
      Best regards, Lee M Withey


  2. Lee,
    Very nice site, lost of information and beautiful photos!!. My name is Bob Hicks and I am doing research for the Los Alamos New Mexico Historical Society in preparation for the Los Alamos Boys Ranch 100th anniversary next year. Your relative Lee Mackie Woodruff Jr attended LARS as a teen 1940-1943. We are trying to contact as many relatives or others who might have information they would be willing to share or invite to attend the event in Los Alamos, New Mexico. the lead for the LARS project is

    Sharon Snyder email: shar5992@gmail.com
    my email is hicksrob@rocketmail.com.
    The Los Alamos Historical Society web page is http://www.losalamoshistory.org/

    We would like as much information about Lee Jr as you would be willing to share for the exhibit. our focus is how were the lives of the LARS teenagers changed by their experience at the boys ranch

    I have created an ancestry.com site for my research into Lee, I would be happy to share that site or any/all information with you. let me know. Tell me, was Lee married one two or three times??? (Kathleen, Lee and Lois)

    Most respectfully,

    Bob Hicks


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