Rix Robinson’s biography by Hon. George H. White

This is early early Michigan History and extremely interesting. Pack a lunch because it’s a long well written story by my 3rd Great Grandfather. Better yet, download it and save it forever and a day!! This story is the memorial biography of Hon. Rix Robinson and can be found on find a grave. Although, the way it’s presented here is a billion times better. At least!!

Hon. George H. White. My 3rd Great Grandfather on my Mother’s side

Michigan Pioneer Hon. Rix Robinson
Rix’s son Rev. John Rix Robinson married Lucy Ann Withey. Lucy Ann was the daughter of Solomon Withey and Clementine Granger. Solomon Withey had seven children by Julia Granger 1st and seven children by Clementine Granger 2nd. They were sisters and Solomon married Clementine after Julia died. Solomon Withey and Julia Granger were my 3rd great grandparents.
Later, I’ll post the very interesting biographies of Hon. George H. White and Rev. John Rix Robinson. 
Lee M Withey