I proudly introduce my 2nd Great Grandfather

Biography info- Readers Digest condensed version
Harry Armitage Conant. Born May 5th 1844. Died Jan 28th 1925. Studied Law at the University of Michigan Class of 1865. Alderman, Supervisor, Chairman of the Michigan state board of Mediation and Arbitration, Paymaster of the Michigan Naval Reserves, Mayor, State Senator, Sec of the State of Michigan. Member of the State legislator. US Consol to Naples Italy and Windsor Ontario Canada, Vice President of the First National Bank of Monroe Michigan. 25 years as Director of the Union Trust Company of Detroit. Stockholder or director of banks and mercantile corporations. Close friend of lumber and coal dealer W.C. Sterling of Monroe Michigan and also President Theodore Roosevelt. While campaigning for presidency Theodore Roosevelt visited Mr. Conant’s home In Monroe Michigan. Club affiliations included Sigma Phi, Detroit Club, Yondotega Club, Country Club, Windsor Club, Commodore of the Monroe Yacht Club and O.L. Club of Monroe and Son’s of the American Revolution.