I’m a Lifelong sailor who was raised in the Islands. I worked since 1990 as a Merchant Marine chief engineer primarily for the oil and gas industry. I served in the United States Nuclear Navy. I’ve been a licensed USCG Master since 1989. Several years ago, I retired due to Multiple Sclerosis. One of my interests is family genealogy and I have websites related to the topic. See the link below.


I have another website concerning past maritime related experiences, reloading and target shooting. See the link below


Other websites concern “Mitena” a 12 meter sailboat that my family was involved with years ago and also “Windigo” a Sparkman Stephens Yawl. See the links below.



This site, my WordPress, is primarily related to genealogy.

Phrases I like- Two is one, Its the same difference, Utilize the facilities, Its my house, get em before they go extinct.

Oakhill Cemetery Withey Mausoleum

Judge Solomon Lewis Withey Mausoleum Grand Rapids Michigan. My 2nd great grandfather.